Superior academic program for students in elementary, middle and high school

Virtual Therapeutic School

Teachers are accessible on live video using electronic whiteboards in a virtual classroom. Online curriculum is setup in seconds and can be accessed online anywhere 24/7.

Therapeutic Support Team

A support group consists of an assigned life specialist in tandem with anyone in the students support circle; licensed counselor, probation officer, social worker, spiritual leader, family member(s), etc.

Remote Monitoring

Parents can rest at ease knowing that our IT department can restrict or allow access to websites and apps. Parents and team members are able to monitor productivity or idleness from any location.

Year-Round Enrollment

CARES Treatment aka CARES School is a private therapeutic school, accredited through the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF International). CARES School is also registered with the Department of Education. Students can enroll in one of 3 educational tracks: 1) Virtual Classroom from home 2) Day School 3) Residential Inpatient. Enrollment is allowed year round and admittance is open on any day of the week so there is no need to wait until the next semester. We’ll admit your student in mid-session without missing a beat. At CARES School, courses can be conducted during school hours, after school, weekends and during summer break.

Seamless School Transfer

Transferring schools is instant and as easy as digitally signing a school withdrawal and a school records request form online. Our school administration can furnish official high school transcripts or elementary and middle school grades whenever requested. School credits can be easily transferred to and from our school to your school. Through our dual enrollment program you can opt to not withdraw your student from their current school while attending CARES school. The way it works is your current school simply assigns the curriculum, our school administers it and credit is accumulated. This is an option for students who will have a short stay with us or desire to graduate from their own school.

Award-Winning Curriculum

Our award-winning curriculum is web-based with a selection of 50 courses to choose from and over 50,000 multimedia elements! With just a username and password, the curriculum is ready in seconds and can be accessed online anywhere 24/7. Your student will be immersed in an interactive, multidimensional educational experience that includes video clips, audio files, challenging games, quizzes, projects, electives, and more. Teachers are accessible on live video using electronic whiteboards in a virtual classroom. Educational placement testing in Language Arts and Math assures that your student begins at the appropriate level. Assignments, progress reports, tests and transcripts are viewable online by parents. Services include instant messaging, grading, digital record-keeping and complete parent and student support.

Superior Education

Our school offers a superior academic program for students in elementary, middle and high school. Your student will receive an individualized learning plan based on his/her goals, current academic standing, and style of learning. Students have the option of dual enrollment by incorporating other popular curriculum, creditable toward high school completion, career certificate, associate or baccalaureate degree. We partner with other schools and colleges that can augment your student’s academic plan. Dual enrollment is an acceleration program that allows public, private or home education students to achieve their academic goals in a shorter period of time. The academic support team consists of an education director, teachers, counselor, life coach and support for the whole family.

Great Learning Experience

The learning experience happens in a dedicated classroom within a resort-style home. Each student is assigned a content controlled notebook to access their assignments. The classroom will seat an average of four students and no more than six. Students are able to get more accomplished with better results in this serene and peaceful environment. Especially since they won’t have all of the typical school distractions such as negative peers and risky activities. Furthermore, each student is tested and evaluated for accurate course placement. From that point, the student is tested before advancing to the next lesson which allows them to achieve at their own pace. Self-paced learning removes the feeling of being rushed through lesson content and helps fit individual learning styles while empowering your student to master important concepts. This way no student is left behind or held back from advancing thereby making their academic journey a rewarding one.